We work with everyone.

At GearboxHub we believe that visual power. Changes perception. GearboxHub stars is an agile Software House , specialized in professional digital Transformation for Business .

Established in 2007, we carefully combines professional academic background ,latest Develpment techniques, solution analysis, design, web development up to date know-how, with unique talents and expertise of its staff; working hand-in-hand with key, direct clients, creative directors, and advertising agencies to bring about the highest quality visuals and customized sets for established reputable clients. It’s not about a freelance job, from this concept emerged the company with 25 employees for exceeding service. Serving the market in a business-to-business model is what makes GearboxHub far ahead.

GearboxHub Team Practically working in every Software Field , creating commercial visuals, mobile app, and web solutions maintaining the idea concept & brand character on each assignment. While Gearbox hub based in Egypt, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, it has undertaken prestigious assignments throughout the Middle East and much further afield.

Work process
  1. We trust our work process that makes us to achieve outstanding results. We create strategies based on ground reality and then build
    out amazing ideas.

  2. We ask clients to fill creative brief about there requirements. We do multiple discussions & brief meetings to understand project. And then, we will come up with quote & timelines.

  3. Once the quotes is approved, then we start on brainstorming and create wireframes to share our ideas & directions. After approval on concept wire-framing, we start on real process.

  4. After designs submission, we ask client to review and give constructive feedbacks. Nothing is perfect and by collaboration we achieve the best design with client 100% satisfaction.

  5. To achieve best functional designs, we prepare full wrap-up with detailed documentation for developers. And process all necessary assets with managed source files.

  6. After final round of changes, We again check full design to make sure everything is on design standards. Like grids, use of fonts, spacings, colors & buttons hierarchy.

Our people

We love our jobs, we love our customers, and we love providing absolutely outstanding customer service. And we travel alot to stay inspired & energetic.

Our Office

We believe, to do outstanding work we need amazing place to collaborate. So we share luxury office space for team and premium PMS Basecamp 3 for Clients as our virtual office.

Our clients

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